Are Wars Really Primarily Bankers Wars?

Who Are the Beneficiaries of Continued Invented Wars?

Why aren’t political leaders listening to the people that elected them to an office! The Global Human Family (GHM) is tired of WARS, and the people of the world are crying out for Diplomatic Solutions. The United States and its allies have been at war in Afghanistan from September 12, 2001 to the present. It appears that we are fighting wars with no end in sight and with no real purpose or path to humanity.

Innocent civilians; men, women children, the disabled and the elderly are being murdered in astronomical numbers. Additionally, military men and women from around the world, and their families have suffered and are suffering in ways the average person cannot even imagine. Nations are paying a dear price in both blood and treasure.

Just when we thought that we would see the beginning of the end of the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, other wars were launched. My question is, when will people of the planet receive the PEACE dividends that we deserve. No PEACE dividends; however, they are at it again. Global powers are consistently and persistently trying to suck the U.S., into another potentially long-term foolish so-called war on terror.

Global Financial institutions are pushing politicians to instill extreme Austerity measures on nations to so-call alleviate budget concerns. They are willfully cutting services such as Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and food stamps for seniors, the disabled and the poor. However, they will jubilantly find billions of dollars to fill the pockets of their favorite defense contractors.

Global Bankers and War Hawks that are in and outside government, are constantly agitating and pushing to use of taxpayers funds for invasions, violence acts, and invented wars. Those that push for war use psychological manipulation tactics to convince world populations that WAR is necessary and is worth lives and treasure. We are all aware that recent and on-going wars are of no benefit global citizens. Did the war in Iraq benefit the Iraqi people or for that matter, the American People in any way? Recent Wars have left thousands of individuals maimed, dismembered, and mentally unstable; however, after years of war, the world is less safe.

There are many global citizens living on less than $2 day; however, the Military Industrial Complexes are putting together war packages worth billions of dollars to support long-term financing of military interventions. They have little or no regards for the long-term quality of life societies caught up in the belly of these invented wars.

I am requesting that global citizens demand an end to all wars and conflicts through the incorporation of Diplomatic Solutions. We are now in the 21st Century; hence, we should be smart enough to rely on cooperation instead of confrontations. We must learn to use higher levels of Emotional Intelligence and respect the solvency of all nations. Again, issues and problems are in fact best resolved through diplomacy.

Unfortunately, decisions and actions formulated by PEOPLE IN HIGH PLACES have caused many innocent people, all over the world, to lose their lives. In many cases, innocent people are DYING simply because of the CIRCUMSTANCE OF THEIR BIRTH. War Hawks must not continue to victimize individuals because there are in countries and areas that have become WAR zones.

There are better options other than WARs of choice; consequently, intelligent people, on this magnificent planet, must “Give Peace a Chance”! We are smart enough to avoid all wars if we learn to respect DIPLOMACY.

We must expose all who seek war, those who support the war, and those who profit from war. My Global Family, IT’S TIME FOR PEACE NOW! We have had enough of this continual war foolishness. We cannot allow our politicians and their puppeteers to continue to justify and create wars. Are we civilized people or are we just thugs, savages, and barbarians. “I choose to be a HUMAN being that lives by the RULE AND RESPECT OF LAW.” What law you may ask. The Rule of Law as defined by the United Nations states:

The Rule of Law: A principle of governance in which all persons, institutions, public and private entities, and including State governments, must be held accountable to laws. Laws that publicly promulgated, equally enforced and independently adjudicated which are consistent with international human rights norms and standards.

   It requires, as well, measures to ensure:

   adherence to the principles of supremacy of law,

   equality before the law,

   accountability to the law,

   fairness in the application of the law,

   separation of powers,

   participation in decision-making,

   legal certainty,

   avoidance of arbitrariness

   procedural and legal transparency.”

The human family deserves PEACE NOW. It is up to CIVILIZED PEOPLE to make PEACE the Rule of Law, as laid out by the United Nations and the African Union. PEACE is truly the measuring stick of our humanity.