What Is The Color Of Your Privilege?

                         What Is The Color Of Your Privilege?

How many people of color have heard a friend, a co-worker, or community leader say, “I am just a privileged white guy or girl?” Did it make you wonder, “If they are privilege and white, what is the color of my privilege?” There are many who have historically, and continue to benefit presently, from those pre-existing disparities that gives them a better “starting point” in life. They believes that character, work ethic and a strong family dynamic are the determining factors in everyone’s life.

The factors listed above will unquestionably improve anyone’s chance to succeed; however, it’s outrageous for anyone to pretend or believe that the color of one’s skin has no bearing on their life experiences or successes in America. White supremacy, (the father of white privilege as a global phenomenon,) creates racial inequalities that affect the social and economic conditions of Black People in America and across the world.

It is a historical fact that from the very beginning, based on the color of our skin alone, racial discrimination and the denial of privileges experienced by African-American/Blacks have been different from that of any other group in America. African-American/Blacks have systematically been forbidden the basic rights, opportunities, and privileges that others have been afforded simply based on the color of their skin.

Africans and their American-born descendants have endured one of the cruelest from of RACISM every known to main kind. Hence the barbaric system known as “The Peculiar Institution” was born. Our ancestors, who were considered only 3/5 a human being, consistently resisted enslavement; therefore, our demands for impartiality and full participation in the American society have continued to this day. Although our strategies have varied, our collective goals of full freedom and equality remain unchanged.

African-American/Blacks, for far too many years, have been governed by systemic racism which has never valued our contributions or our lives. Moving forward, we will break the cycle which has created, among some of our brothers and sisters, a type of self-hatred, self-deception and suppression of our progression. The concoctions used to maintain this hard-core racist scheme of turning us against ourselves was/is supported by governments, mainstream media interests, and by the global business elites.

Traditionally, individuals and groups have traveled the world spreading spiteful hate of African-American/Blacks specifically and Black people, in general, without accountability. The mainstream media, through its articles, books and movies, etc., continue to be complicit in the continued efforts of de-legitimization of our existence with their venomous messages.

Moreover; every immigrant prior to their arrival on America’s shores are awarded a set of Privileges, based primarily on color. The Color of their Privileges instantaneously Exceed those afforded to African-American/Black people whose stolen labor, to a large degree, built this nation. Additionally; most immigrants arriving in America by airplane, ocean liners, or on foot, understand the attachment and meaning of the famous N word. Immigrants are instructed to disengage from, and not befriend, African-Americans/Blacks; the group that is afforded the less humanity, and has been allocated the least amount of Privilege.

It is in our best interest to fully understand that the concept of white supremacy, which birthed white privileges, is a doctrine without moral or scientific authentication. We must fully comprehend the social and economic impact that the diabolical levels of miss-education and miss-information that is perpetrated against Black lives. Consequently, African-American/Blacks must no longer participate in the continued aiding and abetting of our own demise. We are on the path of taking back our “Stolen Legacy”: Hence, we will never accept the racist ideas inferring that Melaninated skin, in some unexplainable way, gives others the right to minimize our humanity. Note: Education policies in the US have contributed to the construction and reinforcement of white privilege.

Starting with this 2015 Juneteenth Celebration we will enthusiastically celebrate the end of emotional duplicities and economic terrorism that is entwined with Barbaric and Unjust policies. Most importantly, as we move forward; everything that we should control, we will control. By seizing total power over our monies and our minds; we will diligently work to connect High-Income Earning Blacks with the cause of comprehensive Black liberation. We are a glorious people that have given so much to the world in the way of culture, religion, science, mathematics and grace; therefore, we will not remain silent and endure self-imposed genocide by not demanding privileges that others are given just because the color of their skin.

The Fierce Urgency for Justice and sustainable Liberation requires us to enthusiastically re-evaluate our relationships with ALL entities that work against our interest. Therefore, African-American/Blacks will critically assess attitudes and actions of companies and individuals and not patronize any institution that continue to disrespect Black People, Black Prosperities, and Black Lives. I want to thank the Juneteenth Committee for allowing me to render this article and hope all that read it obtain added value to your lives.