Daily Archives: August 21, 2015

Light Supremacy – Cousin of White Supremacy Part 2

The system of racial discrimination against Melaninated people operates on at least three levels: race, equity, and color. Let’s be clear; as it relates to the global Black Family; racism is a larger, systemic, social process, and light supremacy is one manifestation of that process. It has been the goal of western societies to divided Melaninated (Black) people by our skin color, dialect, and physical features, (i.e. nose, eyes, moths).

This historical divide called colorism, is the foundation of many present-day perceived ills that negatively impacts our lives in various degrees. Consequently, it is essential that when probing into conversations about the race, skin color, and equity, we must get to the root causes of this bombastic wickedness.

The overarching message in this narrative is colorism, AKA light supremacy. The global concern with Melaninated people is their skin tone specifically and racial or ethnic identity generally. My narrative is not written to be divisive or to cause conflict between our beloved light and dark skin people; on the contrary, its knowledge based. Continue reading Light Supremacy – Cousin of White Supremacy Part 2