Daily Archives: August 11, 2015

The U.S. Doesn’t Need Frenemies

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to Democratic congressmen: “I won’t tell you how to vote on Iran deal”. This Statement by the Israeli leader is at the height of arrogance and is an insult to our governmental leaders. U.S. elected officials pledged their allegiance to the United States of America, not to Israel. If there are any questions as to whom our elected officials pledge allegiance to, we as Americans must know right now! Any decision made by any elected official must be, first and foremost, in the interest of the American people and our government.

Fact: 29 American nuclear scientists, Nobel laureates and physicists with Q clearance, who have access to top secret atomic information, have hailed the recent nuclear deal with Iran, saying that it provides a basis to curb proliferation in the Middle East and globally. (https://www.rt.com/news/312001-us-scientists-letter-obama/. Additionally, many Israeli ex-generals and former security chiefs have signed a petition urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to accept the nuclear deal between world powers and Iran. Continue reading The U.S. Doesn’t Need Frenemies

Clear-Path to PEACE

It appears to me that the Global Peace Movement (GPM) has been in hiding since the beginning of the war in Iraq. Members of the global peace movement have clearly gone underground; hence, their collective voices have been almost entirely silenced. I saw a headline that stated “Global Peace Movement Still Vibrant”. What I would like to know is where in the world are members of the global peace movement still vibrant?

At the time you are reading this article; there are ongoing wars and rumors of wars in AFRICA, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan, ASIA: Philippines, North Korea, South Korea, Burma-Myanmar, Pakistan; AMERICAS: Colombia, Mexico; EUROPE: Ukraine, Chechnya, Dagestan; Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel/Palestinian, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and others population centers. Continue reading Clear-Path to PEACE