Clear-Path to PEACE

It appears to me that the Global Peace Movement (GPM) has been in hiding since the beginning of the war in Iraq. Members of the global peace movement have clearly gone underground; hence, their collective voices have been almost entirely silenced. I saw a headline that stated “Global Peace Movement Still Vibrant”. What I would like to know is where in the world are members of the global peace movement still vibrant?

At the time you are reading this article; there are ongoing wars and rumors of wars in AFRICA, Central African Republic, Democratic Republic of Congo, Libya, Egypt, Mali, Nigeria, Niger, Somalia, Kenya, South Sudan, ASIA: Philippines, North Korea, South Korea, Burma-Myanmar, Pakistan; AMERICAS: Colombia, Mexico; EUROPE: Ukraine, Chechnya, Dagestan; Middle East: Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel/Palestinian, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, and others population centers.

Since 2003, millions of innocent men, women, children, the elderly and the disabled have been murdered and displaced from their homes. In some conflict zones the suffering has reached genocidal levels; however, there is too little urgency attached to the energy required to obtain global peace.

It is estimated that the cost of world military expenditures are close to $2 trillion dollars. When it comes to WAR, too many countries’ policymakers are willfully ignoring the peaceful wishes of the Populace. Senselessly wars are contributing to widespread famines, needless starvation, and massive pollution that accelerate problems that cause global warming. Regardless of the fact that human suffering is at staggering levels, global leaders without question, make sure that the Military Industrial Complex‘s insatiable appetite is fed.

It appears that the Global Media Mafias (GMM) has put muzzles on both the Global Peace Movement (GPM) and Global Journalism. There have been little to no open discussions and a minimum number of news articles written about the wasteful funding provided to the Military Industrial Complex. The single biggest waste of U.S. taxpayers monies in recent years have been the billions of dollars spent on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets. The cost of the technically and mechanically flawed F-35 program along could “fund the National School Lunch Program, which feeds about 31 million students annually, for the next 24 years.”

The Global Peace Movement must come out of hiding, raise its progressive voices and actively start working on conflict prevention and peace-building. The world community must work to turn the massive amount dollars directed to War to PEACE dividends. We must redistribute the wealth taken from “The Permanent War Economy” and use it for the sustainability of Global Humanity. For us to be on the right side of history, we must exposure any global players that initiate a premeditated action knowing that it would lead to war.

We must never forget the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Injustice Anywhere is a Threat to Justice Everywhere”. Therefore, quoting President Obama, “every nation must “play by the same international rules”. No nation shall be granted immunity for using cynically bad judgement that leads to a preventable war! When any nation’s actions cross over from proportionate legitimate defense to genocidal disproportionality, they must pay a price for extreme human and material destruction!

The Obama Administration is on target to bring the world closer to PEACE by getting Iran to agree roll back their nuclear program. Additionally; 29 American nuclear scientists, Nobel laureates and physicists with Q clearance, who have access to top secret atomic information, have hailed the recent nuclear deal with Iran, saying that it provides a basis to curb proliferation in the Middle East and globally. (

The world community will see a Clear-Path to PEACE when politicians and military leaders put their arrogance in check; respect the sovereignty of all nations, and work toward the sustainability of Global Humanity.