Senator Chuck Schumer’s Vote Is Disappointing And Dangerous

I am an enduring consumer of both U.S and global news. I believe it is the duty of all to become global citizen and understand the dynamics of WAR and PEACE in our world. As it relates to the media, it is extremely concerning to know that six powerful media corporations “control just about everything we watch, hear and read”. Yes, six powerful media corporations “own television networks, cable channels, movie studios, newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, music labels as well as many of our favorite websites”.

Consequently, the public’s attitude about the deal will be reflective of the narratives that the media mafias’ bosses impose on our information systems! The Americans, as well as the global community, are deeply influenced by the false or inaccurate information that are perpetually being programed into our heads by the mainstream media.

Now I would like to refocus my attention on Sen. Chuck Schumer (D – NY); one of the most influential Democrat in States. After several conversations with the Obama Administration, Senator Schumer’s voted to oppose Nuclear Deal went between the P5+1 member nations and Iran. His decision went against the will of the United Nation’s Security Council, against the will of the European Union, and against the desire for global PEACE. Most importantly, he voted against scientific information provided to him by the Obama Administration. Furthermore, Schumer stated that he will encourage other Democrats to vote against the deal.

Case For The Deal: “Twenty-nine of the nation’s top scientists — including Nobel laureates, veteran makers of nuclear arms and former White House science advisers — wrote to President Obama on Saturday to praise the Iran deal, calling it innovative and stringent”. These 29 nuclear scientists and engineers view the deal as a “cause of peace and security”. The information provided by scientist makes Schumer decision to oppose the deal and his attempt to try to persuade other Democrats to vote against the Obama Whitehouse even more dastardly and pathetic.

It is a fact that, prior to Schumer’s announcement of voting against the Deal, he “faced with heavy lobbying from AIPAC”. AIPAC has its thumb on the votes of far too many of our Congressional leaders who votes daily on who lives and who dies. Sen. Schumer’s explanation for voting against the nuclear deal is based on faulty intelligence backed by scientific ignorance.

For Schumer to re-gain any level of thrust of major number of Democrats, he must not continue to participate in the mass media’s multi-million dollar driven attempts to defeat the historical global PEACE legislation”! I understand that RICH lobbyists and Pac monies can be persuasive; however, Schumer and other Jewish members of Congress must re-pledge their allegiances and put America’s interest FIRST!

The Obama Administration remains confident that it can survive the mutinies of disloyal Democrats. President should never have had to work so hard to convince members of his party to vote for the deal after giving them extensive classified briefing on the agreement. Additionally, any congressional leader that refuses to adhere to the advice of our nation’s top scientists must be voted out of office in the 2016 U.S. election.

In closing, Sen. Chuck Schumer has aligned himself with the anti-science Republican presidential candidates, all of which “have been particularly harsh critics of the deal” without even reading it. Many Liberal members of the Democratic Party see this once brilliant politician as a major liability to their causes. Moving forward, bases on his opposition to the nuclear deal, numerous voters in New York and most in the Democratic Party will forever question Schumer’s allegiance to the party, and his overall JUDGEMENT!