Creeping in the Shadows

Have you ever wondered just who the professional strategists, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts who work behind the scene to guide the design and development of Domestic and Foreign policy issues? These policy advisors generally have keen knowledge of the political process, excellent communication skills, and political contacts gained from previous experience.

Background Information: Domestic policy issues include gun control, voting, employment, education, health care, welfare, environmental protection, economic intervention, taxes, and our infrastructure. Foreign policy issues include maintaining a balance of power among nations, promoting world peace, national security, international trade, etc.

Let us be clear, the goals of the professional strategist, analysts, lobbyists, and paid agitators are to advise and assist their employer(s) in designing policies that are, not necessarily, in the best interest or for the good of the majority of people. They design policies that are in the best interest of the employers be it the NRA, Gun Manufactures, Banking, Big Pham, Social Media, Entertainment Industry, and the Financial sector, etc.

Policies designed and promoted by the “Behind the Scene” individuals that are also, Creeping in the Shadows, generally their decisions have severe consequences on the lives of everyday Americans. Politicians are in the spotlight delivering speeches; however, the content of the speeches are based on secretly devised policies and mission statements that are drawn up by people ‘who work over their shoulders’.

The professional strategist, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts work with politicians and like-minded media mouthpieces to create policies with propaganda, and false narratives, to, deliberately, mislead the Americans and other people. They use the media to sway opinions about everything from Gun control, nominees for federal judgeships to nominees for president’s cabinet. Again, they hide in the shadows working hard to impact policies that impact every aspect of our lives. Who are they?

Moreover, unscrupulous political action groups, individual elitist, and corporations hire professional strategist, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts, to spread half-truth, if not outright lies and administer smear campaigns that are designed to damage or destroy the reputation and/or good names of honest Americans who are ready, willing and able to serve this nation. They come up with patriotic and professional sounding names in an effort to confuse real patriotic American and fraudulently paint targeted disfavored candidate as ‘outside the mainstream on key issues they want the public to support.

To get their way, they often target what they consider vulnerable officials that are up for re-election and force them to do their dirty work. One of their most effective strategies is to use the media to create voter apathy among groups and individuals that do not support their position, and create passion and high emotions among voters that do support their positions. They move to confuse the issue of trust and attempt to drive people away from the polls. Hence, their goal is to have a major impact on the outcome of an election. The American people must remember that despair and abstention are self-defeatist prophecies.

Newly elected-officials must remember that these professional strategists, paid agitators, advisors, lobbyist, and policy analysts wait patiently for each new president and new congressmen/women to come to Washington. They then latch on to their coat-tails offering assistance and guidance. They have played the same games of ‘hiding their hands’, and ‘divide and conquer’ while using barely legal, borderline data to help those that support their causes and assassinate the character of a natural born leader that will not bow to their demands.

Americans must support ethical politicians and not be persuaded or dissuaded by false ads or manufactured propaganda used to marginalize honest, legitimate leaders. This kind of action most time lead to the damage of the overall health of America’s democratic process. Americans must demand the whole truth and speak out against dishonest ads. When any politician brings a new bill to the floor:

  1. we must follow the dollars supporting the bill,
  2. demand to know who participated in writing the bill (i.e. prolific bill making machines – The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC),
  3. the National Rifle Association (NRA and other unknowns),
  4. know who control the sponsor of the bill, and
  5. most of all make sure that all bills are designed in the BEST INTEREST of the majority of the American people.

These folks don’t realize that things have changed, and Americans are paying attention to their deceitful corrupt tactics. The 1% controlled legislation will soon be over.