MAGA Cost In Blood, Treasure, and Reputation

President Biden continues to warn Americans that MAGA-influenced individuals are angry and insulting for no reason. These MAGA folks’ actions are pure arrogant, racist, and ignorant. Sooner or later, authorities will hold these MAGAs People accountable for their horrific behavior.

The record continues to illustrate that every person in Trump’s obit has or will have to PAY A PRICE. Please encourage your MAGA loved ones and friends to save themselves from the sick and all-consuming influence of the Donald. Please don’t allow people you care about to continue playing a FOOL for Trump.

MAGA radicalization brings about an absolute obsession that leads to self-destruction. Consequently, if you discover that you have a loved one or family(s) member(s) that’s become radicalized to fight any of Trump’s many battles, get them help from a professional mental health practitioner now! At this point, people worldwide think that MAGA is who Americans are, and its’ not a GOOD look.

MAGA radicalized individuals include Preachers, Educators, Lawyers, Doctors, Legislators, Police Officers, Active Military, Housewives, and YOU if you are not careful! Yes, this is who we are, America!