America, The RICHEST Country on Earth Is “Leading From Behind” In Providing Healthcare For All Its’ People!

When it comes to the provision of “Universal Health Care” we are either too SELFISH or too STUPID to understand the TRUE VALUE of providing HealthCare for All Americans. Our political leaders have the best healthcare that the people’s monies can buy. Do they think that the American people are less worthy of protections from unforeseen medical risk than other in developed countries?
The June 28, 2012, passage of President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act,” better known as Obamacare,” has pushed the “Obstructionist Republicans” even further out of their “Secret Closet.” Many of the closet obstructionists are the “Same Group of Republicans” who held a “Secret Meeting” on President Obama’s inauguration day, January 20, 2009, to design a plan to “Bring Down” President Barack Obama before he got started.
Republicans have voted 52 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA). They have used every trick in their arsenal to repeal the Affordable Care Act in its entirety. They have relentless worked to chip away at the law by targeting individual provisions, withholding funding, and undermining implementation. To this day and against the will of the American people, they have shown no signs of abandoning their anti-Obamacare crusade.

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Melaninated People Have An Obligation To Protect Global Melanin

More than ever before in history, Melanin Rich People have an obligation to protect Global Melanin. Atrocities are being played out throughout the world, mostly inspired by historical global racism and remnants of colonialism, is working to destroy Melaninated people in the worst possible ways.

Melaninated people are being used to protect foreign interest; therefore, some members of our African family are without compassion when it comes to destroying other Melaninated people. The predators that are promoting this kind of Melanin on Melanin violent insanity must be exposed, held accountable, and severely punished for their horrendous inhumane acts of genocide.

Because of White Power structural and White Racism, we are losing Melaninated people by the thousands in countries throughout the world. This is specifically true in African states such as: Nigeria, South Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Kenya, Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Niger, Cote d’Ivoire, Angola, Mali and most importantly South Africa.

Millions of Melaninated people that are suffering unimaginable brutalities are fleeing their homes and being forced into internal and external exile within and outside of their home states. The false narratives that document animosities between Melaninated people in Africa and the Middle East are the products of global media assets.
For the most part, the global media continue to narrowly describe Melanin on Melanin conflicts in Africa as simply ethnic or tribal and Christians against Muslims violence. During each event, the world’s mafia media immediately spread false narratives that are accepted as facts; therefore, their explanations takes on a life of its’ on.

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African’s Revolutions For Human and Economic Justice Will Most Likely Be Televised.

Europeans came to South Africa to work for the Dutch East India Company, as farmers and merchants escaping from religious persecution. In the quest to settle on supple land, they realized how resourceful and communal the indigenous were. As an outsider, incapable of adapting to these cultures, they chose to use excessive force and brutal intimidation to steal the indigenous/aborigines’ lands and their natural resources. From 1948 until its abolition in the early 1990s, the world community witnessed, in silence and without remorse, years of hardship, suffering, and humiliation committed by the wicked South African apartheid regime and its foreign supporters against the South Africa’s original Black Population.

In 1994 when a coalition of majority Black and minority white government leaders officially ended the apartheid system, false promises of equality and peace surfaced in South Africa. As leadership was transitioning, it was discovered that a major failure of the African National Congress (ANC) was the acceptance of the dreaded “Truth & Reconciliation Commission”.

The so-called South African’s Truth & Reconciliation Commission (TCR) was a deceitful enterprise. The TRC was supported by several Western governments; the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank. These entities helped create and sustain the racial dictatorship that came to be known as Apartheid. This same group of thieves persuaded the ANC leadership to place the interests of international financial investors above the needs of their own citizens. More importantly, they were also persuaded them to abandon their “Freedom Charter” that called for redistribution of South Africa’s wealth. Continue reading BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS DEMAND HUMAN AND ECONOMIC JUSTICE

Don’t Be A Victim Of The Psychology of Confusion

I will begin my narrative by stating that as we approach the challenging day of reckoning on November 8, 2016, we must strengthen our levels of clarity, equity and spiritually. We must bind these factors with a profound love for civility, dignity, and humanity.
This statement is for young voters, now referred to as the Millennial Generation as well as other voters others who have not found their way. Don’t be played out of a real voice by adhering to a misguided belief that a vote for a third-party candidate that doesn’t have a remote chance to win is a win! For this society to thrive and survive, Americans must think outside of that so-called box in their heads and participant in the effort to lift our most intelligent, most capable and most graceful candidate to the White House in 2016.
I have paid very close attention to the Presidential election from the beginning until this moment. What is unclear to me and surely to millions of other Americans is, why are mainstream media outlets continuing to indulge in petty C-Rated political entertainment. They are filling the American public with blatant contradictions of facts with even less respect for truth.

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Critical Juncture in U.S. And Global History


Americans are at a critical juncture in the history of this nation. Politically speaking, at this very moment, important intelligence data is being shared with the presidential candidates of both major parties. More specifically, providing intelligence briefings to with the major party candidates is a historical practice at this junction in the race for the U.S. Presidency.

Concerns about sharing intelligence with the two major party candidates have been heightening because both have exhibited significant flows that bring into question their overall judgment. However, the Republican candidate has been proven to be a pathological liar that have unapologetically drained the life out of the truth.

He stands before the domestic and global public and lies straight into the camera’s lens. His glowing ignorant of facts and his discussing rhetoric that lacks sincerity or meaningful content is immediately transmit around the world. At times, the Republican presidential candidate’s sheer sanity has been questioned; therefore, he is far too dangerously close to immense power. Continue reading Critical Juncture in U.S. And Global History

Dangerously Close To Power

Dangerously Close To Power

Prior to the November 8, 2016 presidential election, every American must ask themselves, does the Republican Party, presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump, have the intelligence, temperament, humanity, and most importantly the morality, be president of the United States of America! From the very beginning of his campaign, Donald Trump have received widespread un-earned free media coverage that ferried him to the top of the Republican ticket.

Mainstream media outlets have provided Trump with a platform to deliver a narrative of hate, bigotry, arrogant and overt racism. For this reason, this will be my last post regarding Trump’s junk.

As I stated before, by now it is common knowledge that Donald Trump is not fit for the presidency of the United States of America and his performance at the Republican convention gave us all full disclosure. To truly understand the mind-set of Donald Trump, you must pay very close attention the text (words)in his Tweets, speeches and comments and not his antics nor his twisted mouth.

Donald J. Trump has also proven to be an equal opportunity insulter by his brazen disrespect to his Democratic enemies and being a Frenemy to his so-called Republicans Friends. It is unquestionable that 99% of his followers don’t’ have anything in common with him. They must accept the fact that they are being used. Trump loves Trump and anyone else that allows him to use and abuse them. Continue reading Dangerously Close To Power

Deadly Association

First and foremost I want to say; Life is the Perception or Deception of Reality. Thousands of times every day, people from around the world use their perception or deception of reality to formulate opinions that carry life and death consequences. Therefore, all members of our human family must learn to understand the power of words.

As of today, we must stop associating the term “black” with negative attributes. The results of recent events has been proven that deadly undertone encourage us to formulate reprehensible choices.  Accordingly, we must stop using words like darkness and black to describe a negative event!

There is a Hidden Agenda for manipulating people to use the words such as darkness and black to describe evil acts. Consequently, these words become racially biased and reflect the culture around you that shape the very wiring of your brain. In today’s’ society, the words black or darkness is sometimes the psychological pathway that leads one to act based on inherent prejudice.

I challenge all of us to study the definition of the words black and white in dictionaries across the globe. As you will find, dictionaries depict a false categorization of black which leads to prejudice and stereotyping. We have historically maintained an unconscious view of the word black as negative. We view black as: “dangerous, evil, unclean, sad or gloomy, intimidating, unfriendly and unapproachable. Based on these definitions, the word black can generate an automatic stereotyping process that can trigger thoughts of Black People as violent and criminals beings.

Merely thinking about Blacks can lead some people to evaluate ambiguous behavior as aggressive, and miss-categorize harmless activities as criminal; hence, view harmless objects as weapons. This has caused too many non-Black police officers to shoot too quickly, and, most times, cause a loss of a Black life.

As we have witness time and time again, this kind of thinking, that is pervasive in our culture, has put black lives at risk over and over again. We must never again associate the mere words black or darkness when describing evil, danger, or destruction.  For the sake of humanity; collectively, this kind of deadly association must be dropped from our vocabulary period.

I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton II

I listened to President Barack Obama speech today, July 5, 2016, in which he gave a “full thought” endorsement of Hilary Rodham Clinton to become the next President of the United States. After listening to OUR President, I thought about an article that I wrote on November 11, 2015 and decided to re-post. Although our words are somewhat different, our core message is the same. This demonstrates that both the President and I are first and foremost, looking out for the best interest of the United States and ALL its’ people.

Please read of re-read this entire article – Thank You

I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton to be the next president of the United States of America, and this is why. Hilary is a practicing lawyer and she was a law professor. Hilary served five terms as First Lady of Arkansas; she served two terms as First Lady of the United States of America; served as a United States Senator from New York from January 3, 2001 to January 21, 2009; she served as U.S. Secretary of State, and she is a long-term human rights activist and human services volunteer.

There is absolutely no comparison between Hilary Clinton’s body of political, legal, and humanitarian work and that of any of her opponents on either side of the aisle; therefore, she will be elected as Madam President in 2016. Continue reading I Trust Hillary Rodham Clinton II

Reparations For Education

It is a globally known fact that the United States provides a yearly military aid package to the state of Israel. The $3+ billion in annual US military aid to Israel doesn’t go to Israel as a cash allotment. The Annual American aid package goes to a select group of U.S. arms dealers to pay for weapons that are given directly to Israel. The U.S. is negotiating a new aid package with Israel in the $40 billion range over the next ten years. It is our collective duty to pay close attention to global politics that affect world peace and U.S. interest. Case in point, Israel is considered to be a major U.S. ally; consequently, the U.S. aid has positioned Israel to be the strongest military force in the Middle East.

Those that read this article may wonder what the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel has to do with “Reparations For Education” for Afrodescendants people in the United States of America! First and foremost, Afrodescendants Melaninated people in the U.S have never been compensated for the horrific, barbaric, and inhumane psychological and physical damage that was forced upon our forefathers and mothers during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and American enslavement from Slavery from 1619 to 1865 and beyond.

Entities tied to the U.S. government, Corporation interest, and wealthy individuals are still responsible for gross injustices our ancestries. Sick individuals kidnapped, shackled, shipped, auctioned, imprisoned, tortured, raped, lynched and legally forced into illiteracy, poverty, and second-class U.S. citizenship. There is a growing global awareness that addressing past injustices is a crucial part of the process of healing and reconciliation. Again, African were brought to America and forced to work without compensation in a land foreign to them and their culture. There are also long-term international laws related to payments of Reparations.

African-American/Blacks will hold the American Government, Shipping companies, major corporate interest, insurance companies, identified families, and all others that were involved in the vicious demonic enterprise of enslavement of our people accountable without exception! More importantly, Afrodescendants will use the Israel model to obtain resources required to establish our Reparations for Education program.

We will demand that the United States provide a yearly aid package to Afrodescendants in America to set up our national scholarship fund. The annual amount that we will request is to be determined. Similar to the annual U.S. military aid package to Israel, funds requested will not be given directly to any individual. Funds for the Annual American Afrodescendants scholarship aid package will be placed in morally responsible and highly credible U.S. financial institutions and consequently paid directly to U.S. State Colleges and Universities for the education of descendants of former enslaved Black people in America.

The strategy of Reparation for Education is a win; win for both the U.S government and Afrodescendants communities in America. Education will perpetuate the beginning of the end of economic inequality. The return on this investment will be paid for itself in a very few year; hence, it will produce an educated Afrodescendants population that will contribute significantly to research, development and economic growth that has made the U.S. the greatest nation in the world.

Note: Domestic and offshore tax haven cost American taxpayers billions if not trillions of dollars every year. The U.S must use information provided by the recently released 11.5 million documents known as the “Panama Papers” to close the domestic and foreign tax loopholes and reclaim revenue lost to offshore Tax Havens. The U.S. must immediately identify U.S. citizens listed in the Panama Papers and recapture the approximately two trillion dollars identified by document release. Other well-known off-shore tax heavens used by tax dodgers include Bermuda, Cayman Islands, and Seychelles.

It is a fact that most of our elected officials have known about off-shore slush funds and tax havens for several years. The question is, if they know about these illegal activities, why aren’t they doing anything to protect the interest of those of us who havea elected them? As we move toward November 8, 2016, national elections, we must demand that every candidate acknowledges what they know and when they knew and more importantly when are they going to bring funds back on-shore.

Politicians must Commit to end the kind of high-tech thievery outed by the Panama Papers by all tax havens, both foreign and domestic period. Let’s make our votes count; therefore, we must elect quality candidates whose mission is to develop an equitable tax accountability system and work to provide a higher quality of life for all families.

Inclosing, Reparations For Education’s principal goal is to simulate and increase “Higher Educational Attainments”; thereby, reducing income inequality for members of America’s Afrodescendant communities. African-Americans have suffered immensely as a result of the genocidal enslavement of our people in U.S. Many other groups have endured pain at a much lesser rate and have received reparations. If the U.S. government leaders are willing to provide billions annually in US military aid used to kill and destroy, they surely must be willing to provide aid (Reparation for Education) that will be used for growth and development. Therefore, we will not allow Reparations to be Racialized.

Panama Papers Unearthed The Patterns and Practices Of Global Greed

The spiritual forces of our African-Americana Ancestries, who arrived on the shores of Panama long before any colonial power did, have created the blissful space for the birth of what is now known as the “Panama Papers.” Our African-Americana Ancestries’ historical trauma, barbaric treatment and immoral, inhumane suffering has unleashed the wheels of justice to correct appalling acts of greed.

The most important fact that we the people must fully understand is; the information provided in the leaked Panama Papers is one of the greatest data leaks in history. It is a huge deal and its’ magnitude will eventually expand throughout the entire world. Those of us who represent the 99 percent of the global citizenry has been given a gift of monumental proportions.

With this knowledge in hand, we will command all elected officials and political leaders across the nation to name names and more importantly, create a “Blue Ribbon” committee charged with comprehensively investigating fraud, drug trafficking, and tax evasion of those identified in the Panama Papers. We must demand extensive transparently and above all, maximum accountability and punishment for those deemed responsible for committing criminal acts. Continue reading Panama Papers Unearthed The Patterns and Practices Of Global Greed