In light of the President’s historic agreement and political victory; hawkish member of the U.S. Congress and their financial puppeteers are still attempting hijack the Iran nuclear deal. Their political nastiness is playing out at the same time that International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported substantial progress as we move toward implementation of the deal. Moreover; the IAEA has consistently reported that their engagement with Iran is “very productive”.

Again, President Obama has won a major victory through diplomacy without a shot to being fired, nor a bomb to being dropped; consequently, we now have a solution to the Iranian issue. Additionally, our President’s position is in concert with the wishes of the MAJORITY of the American and global populous. Now is the time when the Global PEACE must step up and contribute to peace.

I have two questions for the hawkish defiant congressmen/women in Washington. First; which of their corporate supporters or lobbyists within the military industrial complex, would benefit from a bloody, devastating, costly, and unnecessary war? Secondly, do they know what they are advocating?

Do they know that their foolish inhumane thoughts/orders would cause an environmental and ecological genocide; hence, possibly exterminating of millions of innocent people? Bombing a nuclear facility is an unthinkable, illogical, mad-man provocation.

The American people must demand that U.S. Congressional leaders stop their attempts to out-source our Middle East foreign policy. I am specifically referring to foreign lobbying factions and groups that don’t have the American people’s best interest at heart. It is very concerning to the American people when our President; in the midst of conducting international policies related to WAR and PEACE, is challenged by U.S. congressmen/women.

Lets’ be clear, President Obama is the supreme commander of all US Armed Forces and this President has gotten the Iranian leaders to accept significant constraints on its nuclear program. It is incomprehensible that U.S. congressmen/women are continuing to following the dictates of foreign leaders and non-elected individuals in opposition to President Obama’s achieved diplomatic solution. The American people must not allow politicians that are peacefully illiterates and their blood-thirsty media friends cause this nation to enter into another unnecessary “DESIGNER” war. The biggest losers in any war are the innocent.

I love this quote by former President and Nobel Lecture JIMMY CARTER; “War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children”. It is my personal opinion that former President Carter is one of America’s greatest Presidents.

A New Way of Thinking: In 1979, President Jimmy Carter installed solar panels on the White House roof. President Carter’s goal was to transition away from oil and seriously invests in sustainable energy. As far as sustainable energy is concerned, President Carter was a man ahead of his time.

It was a sad period in America history when the regressive thinking former President Ronald Reagan came to office and removed the solar panels down off the White House roof. Reagan put an end to the U.S. early advancement in green technology and sustainable energy. Especially when you think that many residential homeowners are now looking for a solar battery supplier to start building their solar energy system. It is extremely sad that many of our political leaders, to this day, remain to be science denials. Quite frankly, most Congressional Republicans and some Democrats have proven themselves to be the most anti-science politicians in modern history.

If the American industrial complex and the American people had followed President Carter’s lead, the U.S. would be the WORLD leader in the production of green technology. However, because of their actions, the U.S. is lagging behind Germany, Japan, China, and others.

Since the Iranians maintains that it is developing nuclear energy capabilities for peaceful purposes; I would recommend that President Obama engage the Iranian Nation in “Solar-Power through Green Tech Diplomacy“. U.S negotiators should respectfully work with the Iranian leaders and discuss the overall benefits of moving in the direction of clean, renewable green technologies as an alternative to the dangerous revolting nuclear technologies and radioactive materials it produces. “Scientific, economic, and ethical evidence have documented the failure of nuclear power”.

World leaders must come to the realization that Nuclear power is not worth the risk. It is neither renewable nor sustainable; it is neither carbon-free nor a viable solution to the energy crisis and global warming. Moving forward, the strategy of converting from nuclear-tech to green-tech would be safe for the Iranian nation as well as all nations around the world.

Note: Saudi Arabia, the World’s biggest oil producer, reveals plans to make a 100% switch from fossil fuels to clean renewable energy.

The world needs PEACE and CLEAN, Renewable Energy, and both are clearly attainable through continued DIPLOMACY.

Please review the list of scientific perspectives as it related to an asinine prospective of Bombing a Nuclear Facilities: