Tea Party Members Continue To Aid And Abet In Their Own Demise

Someone asked me a rhetorical question; is The Tea Party Racist? Well, will a mad dog bite? Without a doubt, members of the Tea Party are Racist! Their deeds and actions since their inception have spewed racism all over America. The sad thing is; those low, middle income and poor people within the Tea Party have nothing in common with the Billionaires Bankrolling their ambitions.

Those Tea Party members that are hard-working, Medicare and food stamp receiving Americans that follow the likes of Rupert Murdoch and David and Charles Koch are the REAL fools. The Billionaires Tea Party puppeteers contribute money to educate, fund, and organize Tea Party activists that they ultimately use to turn their private corporate interest into a mass campaign slogans.

Rubbing shoulders with presidential candidates like Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee and talking heads; Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, and Sarah Palin don’t put food on their table nor will it help their sick child or relative get through crises. The Republican Tea Party must be giving out stupid pills because poor and low-wage workers, barely making ends meet, vote for a party that continues to give tax breaks to the wealthy.
Politicians that are Tea Partyers will vote to replace cuts for the wealthy by cutting the programs that benefit the lower and middle-income families. Over and over, Tea Party voters vote against their own interest and the interest of their children because of miss-information and racism.

The Super Rich Tea Party pretenders use unsuspecting poor misguided Tea Party citizens as subservient and underlings to protect the wealthy and corporate interest. This is happening at the same time when super-rich Tea Party elites are working to dismantle vital government safety nets designed to protect their families. I am speaking of their family members that are unemployed; recipient of the Affordable Care Act and those receiving public services. They will vote for politicians that support unregulated workplaces, and those that will cut sustenance to care for their elderly parents.

The wealthy Tea Party leadership constantly uses Dog Whistle Racism and Dog Whistle Politics; hence prepping low/middle-income Tea Party voters to vote against their own interest. The will continue aiding and abetting in their own demise and play the fools for the elites again and again. Many Tea Party members are right-leaning marginalized conservative white people who see themselves as the REAL America, who are under siege.

I was born and raised in a hot bed of Southern racism. As I see it, a Racist is a Racist weather they are Tea Party folks that use Racist language and Racist symbols or consider themselves MILD Racist. Many of the followers of candidates Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Mike Huckabee are extreme racist akin to the domestic terrorist better known as the KKK.

These racist KKK wrong leaning extremist have historically burned Black people’s homes and have killed innocent Black people while they pray. Even long-term Speaker of the House of Representatives John Boehner could not continue to endure the hatefulness of the Tea Party leadership. He preferred to resign his Speakership rather than face continued atrocious Tea Party attacks on him and his family.

Most Tea Party supporters are pure and simple hypocrites. They condemn what they call biggest domestic programs like Medicare or Social Security; however, these are the very program that they or members of their families are benefiting from every day. There is one thing that the entire world knows; the Tea Party has engaged in malicious persistent racist attacks against the first OPENINGLY AFRICAN-AMERICAN PRESIDENT. Although many in the Tea Party have cursed his name, the Honorable President Barack Obama continues the fight to keep us safe and enhance the lives of all Americans.

In closing, I caution all Americans to be very careful of political polls. They are mostly misleading; therefore, we must know who is polling and who is polled. When a particular group is controlling the narrative, information can look and smell like what they want it to look and feel like. One’s twisted; small minded, hateful reality is never good in a diverse society.

My suggestion to that those Tea Party folks out there; stop supporting a party of lawless gangs of cowards that kiss the hands of corporate America while working against the American people’s interest. They  live to kiss the hands of “Big Gun, Big Pharm, Big Tobacco, Big Oil, Big Coal, Big Military Industrial Complex, Big Insurance, Big Hospitals and Anyone or Thing Big That Will give them Dirty Money. 2016 Can’t Come Soon Enough – These folks Got To Go!

I truly believe that there are good, God-fearing people in the Tea Party. However, they need to look inside out, not outside in and stop allowing the wealthiest one-percenters to use them as their door matt. Believe it or not, we are all in this together. America is a society where, if God bless you to live long enough, and if you are not one of the super-rich, you will need the government to carry you home.