Orchestrated Chaos

It is well known that major powers that are responsible for orchestrating global chaos. By their very deeds, they have proven to be incapable of feeling compassion for poor people suffering. They have created a system of Geopolitical upheaval, mayhem, and pandemonium that benefits a few while murdering and ripping millions of innocent men, women, and children from their families, cultures, lands.

Many leaders in developing countries have been convinced by arms merchants and war mongers that they must fear their neighbors and sometimes even their brothers. Consequently, those leaders end up spending millions of dollars on artilleries, guns, bombs, tanks, warships, fighter jets, and other killing machines while their citizens go un-educated, un-housed and un-fed.

The Global Military Industrial Complex and their global pulpits’ goals are to continue to manipulate developing countries’ leaders by creating a demand for conflicts and war. Step by catastrophic step foreign powers is selling billions of dollars on weapons designed to enable you, me, we, to kill those that look like you, me, we.

The Global Military Industrial Complex’s TEAM is playing one brother against another, and then another brother against another; consequently, men, women, children, elderly, and the disabled are all caught in the vicious and murderous crossfires. We cannot continue to allow war to be sanitized and popularized.

When these gory foreign interventionists arms merchants finish killing, stealing, and destroying aborigines people’s and taking their Lands; they leave behind millions of traumatized lives, devastated infrastructures, and sinister killers roaming their hamlets, villages, towns, and cities.

These shadowy networks of extremists, better known as arms merchants, work hand-in-glove with the other governments, (foreign diplomats, intelligent agents, and military trainers) creating a catastrophic militarized world.

For the global military industrial complex to sustain perpetual wars and conflicts around the world; it requires skillful manipulation of the public at home and falsification of basic facts aboard. There is neither morality nor human dignity in maintaining continued upheavals, conflicts, and wars.

If leaders of developing countries don’t become a revisionist, they and their people will continue to be victimized. The moralistic people globally must stand against widespread wickedness, arrogance, and greed. Global Peace and love for humanity must be our final goal.