The Jim Crow Timeline 1956 – 1967

This is a chronicle of the timeline of denial of access and inhumane treatment that African-American/Blacks had to endure in these United States of America. In spite of all these barriers and dehumanizing acts of terror and injustice committed against African-American/Blacks, we are still STANDING. When God is on your side, survival is a foregone conclusion.

North Carolina Separates Bathrooms
A North Carolina law requires all factories and plants to maintain separate bathrooms for black employees.
Virginia Closes Schools
The Virginia legislature votes to close any school that enrolls both black and white students.
Mississippi Closes Parks
The Mississippi legislature authorizes the governor to close public parks in order to prevent desegregation.
Arkansas Segregates Buses
An Arkansas law requires all state buses to designate whites-only seating areas.
Birmingham Segregates Bathrooms
In Birmingham, Alabama, a city ordinance mandates segregation in restaurants and recreational facilities and requires separate bathrooms for black employees in places of business.
Aug 27, 1963
Du Bois Dies
W. E. B. Du Bois dies in Ghana at the age of 95. Word of his death reaches civil rights leaders at the March on Washington, who ask marchers for a moment of silence in his honor.
Saratoga Separates Beaches
The city council of Sarasota, Florida passes an ordinance that authorizes the chief of police to clear any public beach whenever members of two or more races are present.