The Jim Crow Timeline 1945 to 1956

Alabama Literacy Law
The Alabama Constitution is amended to state new voting qualifications; electors must demonstrate literacy, must identify and explain any article of the U.S. Constitution, and must prove that they have been employed during the year prior to registration.
Jun 9, 1946
Jack Johnson Dies
Former world heavyweight champion Jack Johnson dies in a car accident near Raleigh, North Carolina.
Arkansas Separates Places
The Arkansas state legislature passes several statutes that mandate segregation at all polling places, in prisons, and on buses and trains.
North Carolina Restricts Cemeteries
A North Carolina law requires state cemeteries to segregate burial plots by race.
Texas Restricts Coal
Black coal miners in Texas are required to use segregated restrooms.
Kentucky Restricts Adoption
A Kentucky law prohibits interracial adoptions.
Missouri Restricts Adoption
A Missouri law prohibits interracial adoptions.
Maryland Penalizes Mixed Birth
The Maryland legislature amends an anti-miscegenation statute first passed in 1884. Under the new law, any white woman who births a child conceived with a black or mixed-race man will be imprisoned for up to five years. The law will be renewed in 1957.
Alabama Restricts Games
The city council in Huntsville, Alabama votes to bar whites and blacks from playing cards, dominoes, checkers, pool, baseball, basketball, football, or golf together.
Kentucky Restricts Socials
A Kentucky law prohibits private firms from holding mixed-race dances, social functions, sports contests, or other recreational activities on their premises.
Louisiana Separates Public Places
A Louisiana law requires public halls, movie theaters, opera houses, and all other places of public entertainment to separate white and black patrons.