The Jim Crow Timeline 1935 to 1945

South Carolina Restricts Bus Drivers
A South Carolina law requires school bus drivers to be of the same race as the children they transport.
Virginia Separates Riders
A Virginia law requires all passenger vehicles to separate white riders from black riders. In addition, separate waiting rooms for black patrons must be maintained at bus stations and train depots.
Apr 1936
Gaines Refused
The University Of Missouri School Of Law refuses to admit Lloyd Lionel Gaines, a black college graduate, on account of his race. The state offers Gaines a scholarship to attend a school outside Missouri, but he refuses the funding and files a lawsuit. Although he loses his case, the NAACP will appeal to the Supreme Court two years later.
Jun 22, 1937
Joe Louis Wins
Boxer Joe Louis defeats the reigning heavyweight champion Jimmy Braddock to become the first black athlete to hold the world title since Jack Johnson.
Dec 12, 1938
Gaines Wins
After hearing arguments in Gaines v. Canada, the United States Supreme Court rules in favor of Lloyd Lionel Gaines, ordering his admission to the University of Missouri.
Florida Separates Books
A Florida law requires schoolbooks used by black students to be stored separately from those used by whites.
Alabama Separates Prisons
An Alabama law prohibits prison officials from chaining white and black together or from allowing the two races to sleep in the same quarters.
Kentucky Separates Retirement
A Kentucky law requires the maintenance of separate retirement homes for blacks.
Mississippi Separates Charity
A Mississippi law requires all charitable hospitals in the state to establish segregated facilities and separate entrances for black patients.
Wyoming Renews Restrictions
Wyoming renews an anti-miscegenation law that prohibits interracial marriage. Those who violate the law are now subject to fines of up to $1,000 and imprisonment for up to five years.