The Psychology of Confusion

Who’s right who’s wrong? Too many Leaders today seem to be in a permanent state of trigger-happy confusion. Emotional intelligence has taken a back seat to bomb first and ask questions later mentality. Bombs are falling and/or exploding, on a daily basis, in several Islamic countries and on countries of color. When bombs fall, unsuspecting victims’ lives are immediately turned upside down and a tragic condition of confusion set in while we watch the results in living color on our big screen TVs.

Both people and animals run for cover hoping that the direction they chose will not be the target of their death. This is the 21st century; however, mankind still has not learned to respect the life of another man, woman or child. Major power without couscous of action brings about psychological and physical damages that cannot be repaired or replaced.

One can only imagine the confusion of the locals when bombs are falling on their dreams while the earth beneath their feet is constantly disturbed by sorties of stealth bomber from a foreign land by a foreign power that they didn’t invites into their homes or their lands. Western government’s Blind Ambitions confuses the emotions and leave no room for enlightenment.

Millions throughout the world are preparing to watch the Super Bowl this weekend, while millions more are watching the horror of death by the hour in blood stained streets of their villages and townships. Take a mental journey for a moment and visit the humanity of their psychology of confusion and think what effect it will have on the souls of men, women, and children caught in the eye of the targeted. Some will say they were just collateral damage that happens to be victims of the circumstance of their birth.

In the worlds of many, they can travel safely in any direction; however, when one hears the sounds of an iron bird over their heads, no direction seems safe and every life may take its last breath for the rest of their lives. Some members of our human family lives have been negatively impacted by violence for so long that they consider it a natural state of existence.

When it comes to Africa, the United Nations and some Western Powers seem to forget that they are dealing with the lives and aspiration of REAL live people. Decisions are made in New York City, with no compassion for and little or no input from indigenous people living and now, dying in the TARGETED areas. The more I read about the situation in the Middle East and Africa, specifically the new media interest of Mali, the bigger the pain I get in the depths of my soul.

Whenever there are Western involved conflict in Africa confusion sets in. The corporate controlled mainstream media have problems telling anything that resembled the truth. The media presents the public with a sanitized “packaged point of view” that reeks of propaganda. As with what happening today in Mali, through corporate controlled mainstream media, France narrowly control all out-going information regarding their activities and action of those that they support. They know well that allowing the public equal access to other points of view will help them determine who the real enemies of the state are.

Since 911, the world has experienced continued wars; therefore, I wonder where have the PEACENIKES gone. The voices calling for PEACE are SILENT throughout the world. I understand that most mainstream media have no place for PEACE on their front pages; however, those that love PEACE have to take a stand so people can live.