Give The People Of South Sudan What They Deserve – PEACE and PROSPERITY

First of all, I want to state that I fully agree with a profound statement by the honorable former President Jimmy Carter; “War may sometimes be a necessary evil. But no matter how necessary, it is always an evil, never a good. We will not learn how to live together in peace by killing each other’s children”.

The evil perpetrated against the South Sudanese people by both South Sudan’s President Salva Kiir Mayardit and Rebel leader Riek Machar is inhumane, criminal, and reprehensible. Thousands of South Sudanese people have been and are being murdered for no good reason. Infrastructures have been destroyed, thousands of innocent people have been killed, and more than 200,000 people have fled their homes. The question that must be answered is; who are the participants in the on-going Genocide inn South Sudan?

The historical legacy of colonial manipulation; blocking economic development and intentionally pitting the tribes against one another in an enduring strategy to divide, conquer, and rule over African people. The actions of President Salva Kiir Maya and Rebel leader Riek Machar, choosing military solutions over diplomatic ones, has denied peace and prosperity to South Sudanese people. They have, in fact, proven to be complicit in maintaining the legacy of colonial manipulation against their people.

Let’s start off with the understanding that what you think you see is not necessarily the facts on the ground. As we submerge deep into this article, you will better understand this opening statement. Africa’s wealth floods offshore as the country’s elites, corrupt leaders, and foreign corporations use off-shore banks to hide fortunes”.

The people of South Sudan specifically and Africa generally have suffered far too much over the years. The situation is especially true for South Sudan’s Dinka, Nuer and other tribes who are all brothers and sisters. This crisis in South Sudan has the pungent odor of foreign RATS and their domestic partners; with their hands all over this premeditated human catastrophe.

The outcome of this situation will reveal that crimes have been committed in plain sight. The world’s mainstream media outlets are a major part of the shell game. They have us looking over here while massive thefts are being committed over there. South Sudan doesn’t manufacture guns; however, this new nation is awash with guns of all kinds that are imported by so-called unknown sources. Gun runners have been supplying munitions, with impunity, to both sides of all conflicts in Africa since the end of the colonial period. We all know the stories of RICH African countries with dirt poor people; the question is. The world community allowed this immoral situation to continue year after year.

Who are the African leaders, foreign gun runners and shaded mercenaries that are profiteering from a sick propensity to suck the blood, literally and figuratively out of Africa’s people’s veins and souls? These foreign gun runners and their African partners are engagement in the horrific crimes against humanity. They are perpetuating violence against innocent human beings that are caught up in mad men stupidity and unremarkable levels of greed.

The African Union must root out these criminal acts, both foreign and domestic and ensure perpetrators are tried and convicted of genocide. It continues to baffle me when I hear of Africans killing Africans at the same time foreigners; both businessmen and tourists walk freely and unharmed among the dead! It is unfortunate that African people; whom have been blessed by the MOST HIGH with so much, have learned to hate themselves and love their enemies/Frenemies!

Over and over again, Africa nations that are rich in gold, diamonds, oil and many other coveted natural resources, have yet to capitalize on its natural resources. Many African countries’ infrastructures are underdeveloped, their economies are small and unsophisticated, and their people languish in avoidable poverty”.

In many corners of the world there are those that are sitting back in their comfortable chairs in their comfortable mansions sipping on a glass of fine wine and saying; mission accomplished -job well done. From the beginning of the colonial periods, this process of spreading self-hate for one another and love for your foreign occupation forces were set in motion a process of self-refueling of self-hated.

This situation of African killing Africans, neighbors turning on neighbors happens throughout the continent of Africa for too frequently. Presently, there are conflicts where innocent people are being murdered in the north, south, east and west. This same kind of self-hate has spread among people of African descent around the world.

People in Africa have experienced ENOUGH targeted ethnic/religious violence. Humans being are killed simply because of tribal or religious differences. African people must never FORGET that before they consider themselves Dinka or Nuer; Tutsis or Hutus; Kikuyu, Luo, Luhya, Kalenjin, or Kamba; Muslim and Christian, they ARE HUMAN BEING FIRST.

If I sound like an angry man, I am. Furthermore, I am extremely angry with any and everyone who has a hand in this dysfunctional, destructive situation HAPPENING in South Sudan specifically and Africa in generally.

Both President Salva Kiir Mayardit and his Former vice-president Riek Machar are both acting like simple minded children who don’t know how to professionally and diplomatically negotiate their differences. Great leaders demonstrate through their actions, their love for the country over love for themselves. President Kiir Mayardit and former vice-president Riek must immediately call a joint press conference and declare a nationwide cease-fire that will end the violence and allow the thousands of displaced residents return to their homes.

It is embarrassing to me as a proud person of African descent to witness this kind of totally disregard for Black lives that being perpetrated in South Sudan. I challenge both the President and former Vice President to demonstrate the character of GROWN professional responsible leaders and immediately end the despicable, brutal and unnecessary suffering of that they have brought to their people. If they can’t demonstrate civility and, decency and respect, for the wellbeing of their people, they both need to get out of the way and let a SERVENT PEOPLE’S LEADER come forward.

We live in the digital age and the entire world eyes are WITNESSING the madness in South Sudan. Moving forward, they must show sound moral judgment worthily of a National leader. Just as quick as they allow South Sudan to fall apart, it is their solemn duty to quickly mends fences and rehabilitate their nation and its people. South Sudan’s leaders must first and foremost expel all of the foreign agitators (advisors) and gun running mercenaries that are profiteering off the death of their people and the destruction of the nation’s fragile infrastructure. From this day forward, South Sudanese must regard and treat each other as human being and brothers and sisters in the eyes of whomever/whatever they consider the MOST HIGH.

Facts – African People Are Experiencing An Economic Genocide:

1)        Some African leaders are committing economic genocide by selling off their nation’s most valuable resources for pennies of the dollars while pocketing huge bribes from Western Multinational Corporations and leaving their citizens impoverish and destitute. Several African countries have invested Billions of dollars in the Sovereign Wealth Funds controlled mainly by European and US Banks and investors. The African continent counts for at least 15% of the SWF at the same time many of its people are living off less that $2 a day and continue to experience food insecurity, a lack of housing, running water, indoor plumbing, and basic needs and their infrastructure are in shamble.

2)        An estimated $1 trillion dollars gets stolen from developing countries in a typical year. This indicates that there are massive transfers of wealth from poor countries (people) to rich countries (people) with the help of leaders of poor nations

3)        Some African leaders are using their countries’ resources to purchased homes and mansions around the world, as well as a private jet and expensive car while their nation’s citizens live on less that $2 a day.

4)        The dire consequences of huge sums of monies leaving the developing world ensure that there are no resources to spend on public services and infrastructure development; hence, poverty is a persistent visitor of the country’s inhabitants.

5)        If developing countries collected the taxes due them, they could end reduce and totally eliminate their reliance on foreign aid. It appears to me that so-called foreign aid and its handlers could be the hidden hand in the pockets of a countries’ wealth.

6)        Since the political and economic elite pays little or nothing in taxes in developing countries, other residents and foreign corporations don’t see why they should pay taxes either. They don’t…

7)        Leaders of World powers know full well those ill-gotten gains by senior political people and the impoverished countries’ elite lands in the safe havens of Swiss bank accounts in plain sight and with impunity.

8)        It is visibly clear that every country have global elites that work hand in hand with global elites to the detriment of each nation’s working and poor people. Where is the global morality and who is going to correct these before mentioned crimes against humanity?

9)        Throughout the Black nations of the world, it appears that “the neo-liberal strategy is to weaken the state in order to have the private sector replace the state.

10)      Complex networks of miss information based on disinformation have allowed corrupt many African/Black leaders. They are working in partnership with the World Bank, International Monetary Fund and other corporate co-conspirators, to rob African/Black Nations of their natural resources; hence we continue have wealthy countries with very poor people.

South Sudan’s leaders working with former colonial powers, has invested the Sovereign Wealth Funds; 15% of oil profits go to Stabilization Account, 10% to the Future Generations Fund. The SWF are designed for long-term investment and take capital away infrastructure development and from the immediate need of the country’s poor.

If South Sudan is to survive this planned theft of its resources, it must first embrace its rich history and its cultural diversity. It must bring all of its ethnic nationalities together to form a government of national unity. South Sudan must also develop a RESOURCE LAW that bring economic transparency and stability to the nation and ensure that every citizen every region benefit equability from the nation’s natural resources.

Note To The People Of South Sudan and other developing nations: According to United Nation’s resolutions 1314, 1720, 1803, 2158, and 3201; the people maintain permanent sovereignty over its natural resources. In the case of South Sudan, this means their oil. Consequently, no foreigner bank, corporation or wealthy individual(s) should benefit from a nation’s national resources ahead of its people. Funds must be used above all to improve the countries’ citizens’ quality of life. This will be accomplished by utilizing the nation’s natural resources to develop the infrastructure required to ensure that that quality of life is achieved.